Monopoly Slots 
I created symbols and background ideas for Suite 2 Monopoly World. 

The Mummy Online
I created the wireframes, mocks and implemented them into Flash.

Universal Monsters

Marianne Bosch created the mock for the store and I implemented them into Flash.

Marianne created the wireframe for the Home tab, I created the mock and implemented it into Flash.

I mocked and implemented the Halloween objects.

Marianne created the normal state for the buttons and I created the hover, pressed and disabled states. 

iphone app
teaching kids ABC's 123's and colors.

In game overlays (NBA 2K9)
Anthony Yau created the mocks for the UI and I implemented them into Maya.

Game Menu/UI (NBA 2K9)

Personal Projects


Different looks for a possible casino game

Sliders for audio UI